Nyc Arts Cypher has a variety of arts and entertainment programs designed to motivate young people so they can utilize their energy in a more positive and productive manner.

hELPING foster their own self confidence by allowing them to realize they have the potential to make a significant contribution to the community.



Our Don’t Be a Bully initiative is a program where we use arts and entertainment as a medium to spread our message of anti-bullying and assist in the anti-bullying movement. Participants in this initiative are mentors helping to raise awareness about bullying in schools. They are usually the instructors of our H.E.R.O program. The goal of the program is to create a safe environment for all children to thrive and become respectful participants of society.

Contact us for more information or if you wish to be a part of the program yourself. You can also check out this video for a more in-depth insight.



The H.E.R.O (Helping Everyone Respect Others) program is an anti-bullying campaign created by the NYC Arts Cypher that teaches “at risk” elementary grade children Comic Book Sequential art, writing and character development. An innovative portion of this program, is the element of an experienced person in the comic book field (writers, artists, etc.), resulting in the children having a fully thought out character and, in more extended cases, an actual comic book. The goal of the program is to get children to channel their energy into something creative and positive, instead of using that energy to potentially bully or harm their peers. The program uses a medium that they can easily grasp, the arts, as a way to combat social issues through creativity in a proactive manner.

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In our M.U.R.A.L (Motivate Understanding Realizing Artists Learn) program, young participants with an interest in the “Urban Arts” learn how to take creative direction and work as a team while developing multiple artistic techniques. The artists are provided with an environment to practice their art responsibly by creating a “Message Wall” to help foster awareness on various social issues. The program ends with the mural exhibited for friends, family, and the public to view fostering a sense of pride in the artists.  

Our program won the 2010 Staten Island Film Festival award for “Best Documentary Short.”

To learn more or be a part of the program, contact us.



The Cypher Cyndikit program is a structured class with sessions in breakdance and hip-hop. This is for young people interested in dance, getting fit, meeting new people and having fun. The participants learn dance routines and how to function as a group. The program ends with various performances from our participants, to showcase the skills they’ve learned.

To join in on the fun and learn how to dance yourself, contact us today.



BREAKOUT! is a media arts program that utilizes in house interns that either already have skills in the arts and entertainment industries (photography, videography, design, social media, etc.) OR desires to learn skills in the arts and entertainment industries. This program highlights the skills, talent and desire of the participants in the program, providing them with a wealth of knowledge as well as experience in the creative field. This program uses and teaches those skills by challenging interns with real world creative projects and tasks, such as designing graphics for businesses, editing videos for clients, etc. The ultimate goal of BREAKOUT! is for those within the program to leave with the skills necessary to obtain a career in the creative field.

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